The best way to sell your house is different for everyone. Before you determine what is best for you, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to get the most money possible? Do you want to sell quickly and with little hassle? Which one of these is more important?

Things to think about

Some questions that will help real estate agents advise you. Why do you want to sell your home? What condition is your home in? What is the primary objective you wish to accomplish? Do you want to sell your home in “as-is” condition? Is your Minneapolis home in foreclosure? Would you consider a short sale? Do you want to avoid foreclosure? Are you comfortable with multiple showings and multiple offers? Have you had a Minneapolis Truth in Housing Report Done? Are you comfortable with open houses?

Great Real Estate Agents

Great Real Estate Agents will detail all of the possible options for selling your Minneapolis Real Estate. They will give you advice on selling to investors, selling to friends, selling to strangers, short sales, foreclosures, deed-in-lieu, rent to own, contract for deed, and selling your home through a Real Estate Agent. A great realtor will even provide tips and tricks to selling your Minneapolis home on your own, without a realtor, for sale by the owner (FSBO). There are MLS options and non-MLS options. The best agents will analyze all of the home selling options with you.

Sell my house to an investor

If you were to tell us, “I need to sell my home to an investor for cash,” we would provide you a list of cash investors that are ready to buy homes in Minneapolis for cash. If you said, “I need to sell my Mpls home for cash,” we might ask another series of questions to determine the best course of action. ¬†As investors ourselves, we would even make you an offer to buy your home.

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